Today I had to face again the truth; on personal stage, I have some long time existing issue with dates and calendar stuff.

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So, this time again a little bit about me and the buzz around here, at the bubblegum.

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Tattoos for life.

When I was teenager, a younger one, I always wanted tattoos but my mother forbid them till the end of my green age. Until the day, I could come up with a meaningful story and reason to have any, for what I am thankful today.

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Guided tour

It‘s a rare deal, come and join to me today for a free ride to discover the deepest secret of a woman soul.

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Lesson 1

How to respect the motherland and the nobel way of equality in the name of national pride or the oops?!

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The road to perfection is an endless exciting journey that is equal with the spiral of the evolution that turns back the big everything and aside from that simple turning, it does on a special level providing the possibility of progress by adjust a little on the ongoing. No matter if that is writing, art, photography, love or any segment of life because there is always something to add to the growth towards the unachievable perfection till we die.