The beginning of my Bonsai forest

After a short hesitation, I decided to give a green go to The Art of Bonsai and sharing my joy- and tearful experiences here. But prior launching in using fancy terms and strict measurements of feeding (fertilising processes), I would share a thought or two about myself.

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Toy joy

This post is about to help your way out of the jungle…

If you are delicately picky about men and facing the same guys with the same talk, trying to make you juicy, get you click on but instead they’re making you wanna get out of the space and screaming for Mr.Musk to have you to be the next on the Mars mission because that seems like the only chance for you to meet the one like, then you are at the right place.

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Prologue to the Memoir of long years lasting grief

The reason I’m about to start to write down my gone grief and the following recovery process through self-compassion, religion and love is to make more benefit of them. To give hope for all those who looks for help or wants to help, because with the right mindset every obstacle vanishes away. Through my stories, I want to share a glimpse how the right humour helped me to overcome hard times in life. I want to draw attention to the importance of valuing and love every moment of life. Share the way I learned to love the difficult moments of my life, embrace them. I want to give a piece from the beautiful but occasionally hard journey that I toke back to restore that cheerful and kind girl I was before the great change shaken our family life. Through my experiences I want to prove here, even under odd circumstances how great life is when you are at peace with yourself and how much energy one can ease through pain and joy. And above all, how I learned to love again and occasionally I am planning to share some hot stuff too under my memoirs category.

With love Me.

Sassy day

Did you know that trees are very social creatures, they can communicate and even feel pain.

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