Silent scream

No matter how long we have had sacred books giving us guidance of living peaceful life but we still struggle – here in 21. century – of lack of true care, love, patience and forgiveness. Our time is mostly about postures, jealousy, gossip and greediness. Greed for power that built on fear and hate.

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Are You environmentalist?

Folks on social media begun to shout out for help because of the so called devastating bush fires in Australia what is actually looks like to me rather a continent burning down to it’s ashes then bush fires. The first problem with this approach of asking money is again the surface treatment of a way more serious problem of the current situation on this planet, such as the illness of mother Earth. But we forgive this pretended or not but for sure blindness of rebuff of glaring facts, right?!

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The road to perfection is an endless exciting journey that is equal with the spiral of the evolution that turns back the big everything and aside from that simple turning, it does on a special level providing the possibility of progress by adjust a little on the ongoing. No matter if that is writing, art, photography, love or any segment of life because there is always something to add to the growth towards the unachievable perfection till we die.

Fix the chain

When an eye of the chain rustle too loud because a string was pulled by the order of a religion that actually blocked its own path by pulling that and thusly cracked up the way for other lights and therefore resulting its very own fail only for having something that not meant to be their; we do forgive that old but blinded eye because the false fears of dropping off the cushioned and favoured position. And at the end of the day if The Queen had to and could live with a traitor under the same roof, holding her head up, then what about us?