Have you ducked out or still following me?

Inspired by an excellent article. Illusions exists as long as you allow it. For muslim christian belief of appearing Virgin Mary is not more than an (respected) illusion and vice versa. Like gypsy spell is nothing more than your own mind’s perception of something you fear of or perhaps in some despair or boredom you want to believe in. Remember, mind can fool or elevate any. Perception.


Although, what is not an illusion, is written in the latest Élet ès irodalom*, “Gettósodàs” ** article, by János Ladányi about the deep desperate, spreading poverty in Hungary. Perhaps, it’s a heavenly sign to mind real situations and invest in solutions of real problems, instead of wasting energy on rocking lullabies once generations were fear because of unknown mystery of a nomadic, migrating group of people or just your boredom.

*Life and literature, weekly Hungarian newspaper

** Getto “grooving”