To whom it may concern and no offence only friendliness

In my life I had soo many promises, and witnessed numerous, constant excuse(s) for delays and hesitations.

Hold my hand and have a nice ride on the waves of oceans of examples. So, previously we had ill will whispering in ears, dirty gossips, covid, then wrong interpretation, false fears, laughter at, prejudices, jealousy followed again by covid and now Mr.Putin. Pardon me interrupting the line but, may I bet the next rock?! Anyway, roll on. Every time I thrived towards something driven by the loving force of nature I was beaten off by different hateful wills but still I coming and going towards my destination holding on to the beautiful memories I collected during rough waves and now see the puzzle pieces of past and what could have been coming out differently. For me, it seems like some still haven’t learned, cooperative energies also needs satisfied materia otherwise confusions continues … no worries, a “friend” taught me what I learned properly: soon can be a lifetime. But never mind, I go strechin’ and beat the time till the next phrase starting soon in my interpretation.

Ps.: What the less needs Europe is now a wrongly built project giving a big fig to sustainability beside, magically forgetting dropping back their share coins to the piggy bank, as giving back is a custom around this half of the continent. So, beside the priority avoiding a great war, protecting our nature still has to be the number one task on our list.

Remaining in good will.

Photo credit goes to Devon Fox