The beginning of my Bonsai forest

After a short hesitation, I decided to give a green go to The Art of Bonsai and sharing my joy- and tearful experiences here. But prior launching in using fancy terms and strict measurements of feeding (fertilising processes), I would share a thought or two about myself.

So, I perfectly cover the example of the enthusiast and proud gardener with shy amount of flowers. While, I easily flex with their photos and having the melted, proud talk. It’s serious, be careful or just RUN. That’s okay, I ain’t touchy soul, but there are dangerous exceptions. ..

I warned you, The Garden and flowers

Anyway, better to fix at the beginning, I stubbornly have been in the business for minimum 6-7 years. Springs in and out, investing in my little experimental garden*. Sounds promising, heh?! I know, so check this out!

The first arrivals

Well, to have only one bonsai wouldn’t be me. Thus my initial goal is to grow right away a mini forest. Which means, I will only occasionally spoil myself with grown (age around 6 to10 years) groomed bonsai. I rather want to pruned them, dig the soil with my bare hands and do the wire thing**. Further, I’m a kind of woman who first begin with low budget. Simple tools, cheap plants and if I consider the time arrived to level up, then of course, I will purchase higher-quality gears but still not the top end. I need the progress. I need the sense of “graduation”, the “have a candy” feeling.

My step-in category fancy tools

The idea is to keep tracking the meditative growth of my numbered*** trees, will take up approximately 6-7 posts/year, or less. At the beginning, I’d like to to start with 7-8 trial bonsais. (Time will show how many will remain).

Further, during my consideration, the first and most important obligation I learned from a dude was water. In order to grow healthy bonsais, one needs a lot of water to keep the soil damp. Moisturising them every single day is essential (during the growing period). What I actually labelled it as the first “ups, a tricky trial” of my new hobby. Keep in mind, before spending a penny, in this way, for my holidays, I had to find out an idea about a watering mechanism, I’ll write about it later, I try to promise it. But you know, mummy can’t be trusted with strict watering regime of plants, that’s too risky. Anyway, first I need to meet a “trustee” who will listen to my concept, pimp a bit that and even help to trade mark it. Trust me, had a handy vision and perhaps good for a healthy laughter also.

Next question was fertilisation. But, that’s seemed a bit easier challenge for the growing period (May-October). Adding 1,5-2 months lasting, dissolving granulates is a piece of cake. Well, at least to type them down is easy. Okay, better to remember the effectiveness of the feed is strictly up to personal experiences depending on climate, different sizes, types of plants and etc. No worries, I am going to document those things.

And now, I feel like, it is a very right time to introduce my very first three bonsais after basic trims, little wire thing and an earthy roots-cuttings for the case growing them in tinny pots. Side note, currently economically for me not wise to spend extra money on fancy ceramic pots, therefore the puritan solution of the plastic cuts. Further, mind, today is 6th of March, might be a bit early beginning, the temperature ist still low but this is what experiences are for.

Bonsai No. 1.1
Bonsai No. 1.2

Herewith, I cross my fingers for myself remembering next time to reveal their real sizes.

Bonsai No. 1.3

At the following bonsai post I will introduce the next arrivals and summarise the idea of trimmings and what I expect them to become.

*Little garden stands for plants growing in tyres since the quality of the “soil” at our garden is poorer than concrete therefore this sustainable and economic decision was the best to satisfy my call to become The Gardener of the block. I have ten of them. I guess, I beat Max Verstappen

**Wire thing, I just begun discovering the terminology, perhaps later I will use the pro sounding word for the “wire thing” activity.

***Naming, numbering is for the future catalog system. The first number assigned to the arrival year, which means, bigger number covers younger plants at the forest, second number refers to the order they were groomed. So, Bonsai No. 1.1 is arrived at the first year of my try and been firstly cared.

Ps.: The opening image is from The Garden…