The grand union for peace and universal values

Incredible to see this “bulletless” grand union (economic, political, moral) for democratic values, for peace. While the Russian government still has a chance to withdraw and restore the glory of their artist, musicians, athletes, poets and intellectuals along hardworking blue collars of theirs and rebuild peace.

To the nation, I believe understands the importance of these sever response of the whole world getting together in the name of PEACE and common values. My love streams to those brave Ukrainians protecting their homes, brave Russian people who are risking their life, while raising their voice against the wrong decisions of their government what finally have been forging a grand union of peace and democratic values. At the dawn of attacking Kyiv, I share my strength with the brave economical decision makers and politicians during this hard time who are in this unprecedented union. I hold also space in my heart and mind for those who are trying to find solutions for their fixed plants and their good people effected during these provoked but necessary times. The benefits will come.