Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX

Out of my silence, this time, I would like to write about the latest phenomenal Mercedes-Benz concept car, the VISION EQXX with its bold range of 1000 km within a charge masterpiece. But in advance, let me pin one fact, this is not a paid content and my favourite car is always the current car I drive and trust my life to, obviously… So, the engine behind my motivation to write about that automobile is simply drawing attention to its uniqueness and the heavy task of being and remaining the first luxurious car brand on this beautiful planet, our home, Earth.

The barrier breaker of the future, the prophet.

During our urgent time, when Mercedes-Benz focuses and demands are on sustainability and zero emission along carrying the beautiful heritage of the past while the expectation that still fixed on in maintaining the rarest form of high quality of automobiles is a demanding business.

Creating a car in a perfectly harmless symbiosis with nature simultaneously with our fast-space, modern life and at the main time shaking off all prejudice of hippiness, that sustainability brought with itself, the re-used “rubbishness” is again, tough guy task. Let’s be honest, hearing about green, “sustab.” movements that kicks on popping images of Greta Thunberg sitting in front of the Swedish Parliament while trying to draw attention to a sever question of climate change or like the brownish, “cheap looking” recycled papers and etc are totally okay, chill ✌🏼 I went through the process. ..

Thus, time to grab a magnifying glass and see together some details and wash off those prejudices on sustainability for Millennials and generations below and also of course, reflect the uniqueness of the materials to Gen Z.

Therefore, at the beginning, I would like to emphasise the development process of Mercedes-Benz cars Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which is in nut shell begins with the mindful energy and raw material usage – including and having eyes on human right questions – followed by production, usage and finally beside the cars long lifespan, recyclability. The recyclability, that meets the EU ELV (end of life vehicles) directives, which is the “framework”, that led to , for instance developing the EQS overall recoverability rate to at least 85% (signed and sealed by some strict ISO requirements).

What materials are used in a high end cars and particularly in EQXX?

Well, the plastic materials partly used for the interior of the car is a new biobased, climate positive plastic, developed by UBQ. Produced by a company that found out a unique process for reducing our whole garbage into cellulose, sugar and fibre that allowed their outstanding scientists to creat a durable plastic that satisfies the steep, luxurious demands of the car manufacture, Mercedes-Benz. Repeatedly, the focus is in the passenger car development, like a renewable and recycled materials are defined at the beginning in the requirement specification for new car models, like using the greenest thermoplastic material on the planet, the recycled and recyclable UBQ plastic, again LCA, YaY, HeY!

Side note, dear reader, hope there is no need to remind any about the priority and pioneering safety developments of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Back to the point, my favourite component used in the EQXX is Mylo* which is the high-quality alternative material for animal and synthetic leathers what evolved under the caring hands of visionary scientists and engineers, perfectly fitting in a luxurious cars of a few. Or, the other offer by the innovative company producing a 100% biodegradable AMSilk overlapping all expectations of natural silk like qualities. (Before any of you raising hands and shouts in the air, “I have allergy” please, turn the reflectors to the materials withstanding all the high demands of European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation are used in Mercedes-Benz luxurious cars – like EQS model, for instance -).

But for now enough of me, I’m hungry, so time to grab some food and producing perfect raw materials for the outstanding solutions in order finding peace with our troubled home, Earth, beside helping Mercedes-Benz to keep on maintaining their calls of quality and safety demands.

Ps.: This time I skip hitting the keyboard about one of my favourite topic, the fertile soil of my fantasy, the brilliant ideas of software-driven solutions by Mercedes-Benz.

*Mylo also discovered and used by the sustainable fashion industry hardworking, pioneer Stella McCartney and also by the experienced in sportswear durability, the Adidas.

** Opening image of the VISION EQXX is from the official site of Mercedes-Benz