At the finest level

When the ever-changing life gets you to take a leap further, choosing between the path run as they were running on a “safe” pace. Like, when the prehistoric man had to decide between the relatively safe roaming, hunting and gathering lifestyles. What, actually kept their tribes in a secure, constant motion from the attacks of other groups, providing food and clothing for themselves. Risking all the hard work and lessons of the past “go in vain”. because of the fear of change. The sacrificed long hours of lifetimes and eaten poisonous berries that brought a grain of wheat in their pockets that pioneered them on the road of growth. Unconsciously and secretly led and prepared them to step through the gate of the next stage. Giving a chance to the flow of evolution by instinctively understanding that is the key for the fruitful future of the tribe. – Think for a second – What was it like to spread the seeds of the future bread and beer. Establishing new safety, pulling up villages, rooting and protecting theirs locally. Or vote for the choice of standing against the stream of life. Falsely believing in the possibility of slowing down the natural circle of life, while falling behind, because of the good-willing decision of holding back the necessary change, maintaining the wonderer form. Being in the delusion of keeping on the “rustiness”. Because of the serial of the hesitating questions of “how”-s and “what will happen with those who” .. Keep on roaming the vast of forests from cave to cave. Lying safety, while others settled down and already delighted in their sprouting fruits of change. It is, indeed up to you how to approach life. Learn to see. Change is not waiting and sacrifice is unavoidable. Blood and love. Remember, there are new tribes spreading their seeds. While you… , while I… . Reduce the pain, cheer the new possibilities of the next stage. Help to dry the pain and fear filled tears running down on the old pals cheeks. Teach them to see, educate the next ones coming. Transform as the previous ones done so many times before for the sake of the bright future of the tribe as it was set at the first dawn.

And finally, imagine if the leaders of those ancient packs let free space to their fears of scintilla then today we still could have been wondering around bush fires instead of experiencing moments like the great industrial revolution run on steam above that little spark what the brave ones turned into their benefit as an engine, the fire. Change doesn’t wait, if not you, then someone else will leap.

One day the tearfuls will understand the great and brave steps just as those fearful waiting in vain of fears back in the days.