Blowing kisses from the edge of my intelligence

how to close a limited liability company

First and most of all let’s have an unwanted company with zero activity in an illiberal country which is member of the European Union with its all democratic values.

And now, I really need a helping hand showing me the intelligence of the setup of a grotesque carousel of closing a company in Hungary. I have been spinning with the National Tax and Custom Administration of Hungary since March 2021. Our biased like joy is about “hand in-time is out” game with round nil tax sheets. Just in case, preparing the right level of my patience, in June I asked my accountant about the time we were about to spend in that very obvious spiraling to the nowhere ride.

Anyway, tea anybody?

Okay. And now again, run a round again! How “wonderful” the monthly hand in a certain tax sheet about zero income for being processed and then asked to repeat it again at the turning point of a month whirl is?! Just a “marvellous” declaration of net. zero! Admit it, it is, indeed grotesque.

So, at this point I feel my brain got to its limit. My intelligence is not enough to understand the whole point, how to close a company in a situation like this. Meanwhile, I didn’t ask for a company as I had and have different values. The bar is high. I believe, sitting comfortably in CEO chair takes a lot of studies, experience and questions-discussions. The road to get there is divided into stages of mental, intellectual growth and involvements.

Anyhow, until then I am sitting in my princess landau on a Tim Burton like decorated grotesque carousel waiting for someone to point and pin the intelligence of the situation I decided – with a satisfied smile on my face – to learn the know how to filling and filing in ZERO tax sheets.

Good nights until the end of time.

Opening image of a carousel is from the vast of the internet

Teacup image from Mackenzie-childs