From who and what are we demanding

At the centre of red alert of global warming

The question of global warming has been looping around us for a while. At the beginning of the 90’s we had the lovely 12 years old, Severn Cullis-Suzuki trying to draw the attention of United Nations’ leaders to the matter of global warming. And not that long ago we could experience déjà vu, in 4th of December 2018, the 15 years old Greta Thunberg appeared and had her speech about the obvious truth of global warming at the UN climate change summit.

The need of change.

I was coming from meat, poultry industry and I was coming from the top level, number one, high quality demanding poultry business where I could spend approximately 8-9 years making difference among the market members. Among those, who loved their products and who had less interest in “self-quality”, the quality of their own products and basically the conditions of animals they had, the love towards their own animals and finally their own name. I witnessed and worked along with the owner of the leading, fully integrated farm factory owner in Europe, “passing forward” the know-how to build a number one, profitable and animal rights fair giga complex. I knew the chocking price of the profitable factory farm having fair animal conditions and at the same time satisfying the needs of the market.

Human nature, something still was badly missing

Anyway, I happily ticked the box of my soul’s desire making difference and support our meat addict society by having the right food on their table.

Dream big

But still something was missing and when something missing then there’s a gate to have bold “fantasies”. Each time of my visits I added my vision to those factories. On my mind, those complexes were carbon neutral, sustainable and perfectly aligned with recovering nature. And now please, believe it or not “my visions” seems come true though at another segment of industry. I met Factory 56, a fully carbon neutral e-car and car factory. A blue print for the rest of the factories of that specific car brand. Mega investments!

Because we are not living in a fairytale, aren’t we.

Critical voices have full rights echoing the truth of high prices of e-cars. Indeed, those cars have noticeable money tags beside there’s a road ahead of charging infrastructure. But, the above mentioned car brand alone set up an approximately 200.000 Electric car charging stations only in Europe, not mentioning the rest of the world. Think, think, think…Anyway, one can’t change the world but can be the leading example.

How much and from who we have the right to demand.

Let’s play! Imagine what could they achieve cooperating with and adding their expertise to governments, to EU and to the rest of the world for a charging station infrastructure development plan. Try to imagine the size of the boost towards shrinking the damage we, together done to nature. Think what could add a developed charging infrastructure, think about transportation. “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be on your back.” (Irish proverb)

Who shapes the market, whose consuming habit shapes the world.

Do I have the right to demand anything as long as my own ecological footprint has its size. Do I have the right to raise my voice as long as I run a certain type of car. Do I have the right to demand anything as long as my household nothing got to do with sustainability and my clothing habit also has its painful effects on Earth. I guess it’s wiser just sit in silence and step by step fix my habits instead of loudly demanding anything. But beside that, I do, celebrate the positive changes and I do point my fingers towards the change I meet on my way, because I am bold to dream big even at the alarming time of global warming, because there are right steps towards a happy hippie rich in green field world.

I know what I am asking and from who, and you?