Tokyo Olympic Games

Last night I “Google”-d and the results upset me and made me thinking. All night long. Turned right, turned left. What can I do? What tool has a woman standing alone in this big world. What can I do in order to draw attention. But I knew I have to do something, that matter needs attention. I didn’t like the results. So, sleepy-head morning, I “Google”-d again with the hope of hoax in my heart, “blm, Olympic Games”. Alas, the result didn’t change a thing. It upset me again. It said, the oldest world wide game serial, the leading international sport event punishes all the athletes who are about raise their voice against racism. Yes. All those athletes who dare raise their fist, go down to knee or wear apparel with the slogan “Black Lives Matters” are going to be punished. So here I am, I’m writing again beside my digital mixed art I made to draw attention.

Tokyo Olympic Games, 2020