Toy joy

This post is about to help your way out of the jungle…

If you are delicately picky about men and facing the same guys with the same talk, trying to make you juicy, get you click on but instead they’re making you wanna get out of the space and screaming for Mr.Musk to have you to be the next on the Mars mission because that seems like the only chance for you to meet the one like, then you are at the right place.

In the next, I’m going to list the basic principals of choosing the trusty, long term artificial penis.

Read properly, because facing the enormous amount of different dildos can make you duck out of the project, but I don’t let that happen. Trust me, I hold your hand.

So, first and most of all, don’t be tight fisted, you are at the gate of an important investment of your life to have some extra, mostly self-made wonder.

One, texture, shape and size.

Believe me, you are looking for a skin like product with the right size.

Repeat it, skin like.

I also prefer to have the vein on the side because that also lifts the bliss and natural like experience. Important, when you check out of the shop (no online, you need that real feel, touch of the toy) then ask the assistant, what kind of product recommended to use to keep clean the dildo and also the VASELINE (chemical or natural) coz the wrong product can harm the surface of your toy. That’s important, we are not about to loose the skin like feeling, right?!

Don’t be shy, dildo’s not like man touching, kissing and teasing you to be juicy with magical spice, the chemistry but rather a great tool to fill up the desert time of you life.

Size, that’s up to you category of the question.

But the water resistance is not and you’re going to thank me that later.

Super important, battery. You need The dildo with massive capacity of battery. We all know how deeply disappointing can be the poor performance…

Very disappointing and then only love can save the day, therefore better to escape that, so mind to double check the “horse power”. No one expecting you to have romance with your dildo.

On the other hand, no need to get trapped by the luring offers of the high number of its programs. If you want to save some penny, then cut the wish list there. Mine is super intelligent with its fluency in 25 “language”, but I never could clicking further than level 6. The loved orgasm got me there and before… Believe me, don’t get trapped. Practice makes master and it is another form to learn your vagina.

We are almost at the end of my core tips to get a toy for joy.

But, before finishing my thoughts I have one final tip that is worth to mind and that’s the child lock on the dildo. Imagine, a buzzing toy in the luggage at the airport causing some unpleasant moments, otherwise that’s a perfect tool for the time till the right guy turns up to say hello to you and enjoy the rest of your journey together here on planet Earth and filling each other’s days up with ancient groan of the bliss.


Ps.: I do super respect the men mentioned above and like the balancing fun with them trying to make my legs open without that essential magic. And as much as possible I do, protect the matter of heart and emotions. If you in similar situation with some men, then do You too.