What is this time for?

What if this, pandemic thorn time of our life is trying to turn our attention to the invisible heroes who are making our daily life perfectly comfortable.

As a starter, let me pick randomly one example to you. Let’s have a look at the garbage man. What do you see in them? Do you see in them dirt, some low profile? Dirty of cleaning up the dirt, the rubbish we, I, you produce each day? You keep distant of them? Perhaps the smell of our rotten products from the garbage car coming from gets you look through them? Our their education level is what bothers you? If so, then I’d like to show something different. What if we try look at them like the people who keeps clean our environment. Those, who are at the first line stops the possibility of spreading any other nasty viruses because of their daily hard work to keep clean after us and away from us the rubbish we produce each day.


Then, there is another example, the cleaning stuff at the hospitals and streets. When was the last time you threw a “hello” to any of them or just get a coffee in a plastic cup to express some gratitude for their effort to keep the sanitary level proper for nurses and doctors to treat you out of your pain and our streets clean to let our kids play in safe environment…

When was the last time you attempted to make them smile? Was there at all any attempt to make them feel their own value?

What if this time is a good time to reboot some of our basic approach of life?

Do you want to experience magic?

I share a secret how to have one, I copied that from my late father and planted as a great heritage of his in my life to be in bloom today.

Talk, first try open to the garbage man or any who makes our daily life so super comfortable. Share a kind thought with them and you will se magic sparkling up in their eyes, true magic. But be honest, so then You make their day softer and easier to bear with.

Or, if next time you see an exhausted cashier, cheer them up. Tell them it’s not that long till the end of that shift and they can make it easily, reassure them in their strength then let the magic of true kindness warm up both of your soul.

All I wrote above is not necessarly right to do and even I might be wrong with that all. But what if these days are for us to slow down and rethink the fundaments of our rushing and pushing lifestyle?

Anyway, there’s nothing to lose trying out some random kindness and if that’s not in your favour then remember life still will go on. Again, it wants you just to try a random act of kindness to seed in your daily life.


My likeee-likee list contains the post-lady and of course the man as well, with whom we gossip so well. Then, there I have the garbage man and his team with who we can anytime to count on each other to pull a smile on. Shop assistants, I have many of them or there is one of my favorite lady from the cake shop with her dog and cat walking around the block. I feel lucky, I have many, to share a random smile with. Are you lucky too?