Today I had to face again the truth; on personal stage, I have some long time existing issue with dates and calendar stuff.

The situation is, I have been in self-isolation since 13th of February, which means only 12 days meanwhile I thought and proudly shared 17 days, which is simply not true! I had to correct myself and if so then I thought maybe to keep you up to date is the right step too. So, here we are at the second section of my confession.

Since this disease-limitedness I had two break-downs, first at 14th of March, when I put together the facts of the current situations and their effect on my daily routine. Well, actually I only thought putting them together because then came the second knock down and here believe me, I found myself absolutely deep under devil’s ass which happened at 21st, 4 days ago, when I harvested some Jerusalem artichoke from the garden. You can see me in low mood here.

Further, if someone feels themself like in an apocalyptic movie about a deadly virus spreading around the World, then please, no worries because you are not alone. Here we are, with mum back you up with occasional and similar sensation. The truth belongs to the fact, no one will stop the camera roll. This is the reality of our days. Flue like virus chocks people without selecting gender, race, status or even age.

Stay safe and as much as you can find fun in these days. But still remember, to feel down is okay however never-ever serve tea to the negative thoughts. As they came let them go.

Finally, entertainment from me! Let’s remember the sweet-fruit of love of Barbara S.Franklin and Clarence Frankly, the late one and only Aretha Franklin who was born on this day in 1942. Thus, I offer to you to put on a disc from her and perhaps a glass of wine can be handy-candy too, to relax.

Stay at home, stay safe.