Some unexplained excuses and the virus

It’s been a while since I wasn’t around but I had a good excuse to stay away. I forgive myself so will you do too, please.

CO aka corona, VI as virus, D stands for disease and 19 refers to the year, 2019 when it’s been discovered, COVID_19!

With my parents, I’ve been in self-isolation for 16 days now in Budapest, Hungary. If we can trust the official numbers, then today in the morning we counted 187 registered infected casualties, 21 recovered and 9 death from the 6113 officially tested samples. I consider that number of the tests absolutely poor compare to the effort we do by our self-isolation to slow down the spreading of the virus so help the government to localise and isolate the cases for further steps to their full and successful recovery.

Currently and I think shockingly the most urgent question for the leaders of this country is to get the majority of the votes for the general authorisation*, for themselves. And actually that is what overleaps my ability to see and understand the point such as, how on Earth will that sway over the virus and sweep it out of our life. Because and foremost as examples proves by China, two basic thing is essential to control the virus:

  • one, real curfew
  • two, test,test and test as it was strongly advised not only by the experienced Chinese but also by the general director of World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who said:

“We have a simple message for all countries: test, test, test. ”

Anyway, lets value the great offer of the Chinese government sending over to Italy their experienced doctors and nurses. Thanks to the German government for taking over some of the casualties from Italy again and for all the leaders of those nations who are about to lockdown. But mostly to all doctors, nurses, cleaning stuff and the people who supports their work in their daily fights against the virus. Further, great applause goes to all who do their best to help to end the disease faster, to you staying at home.

And now, I am about to finish my short introduction of the current situation here in Hungary and Europe, to do so I’d like to borrow again Dr.T.A.Ghebreyesus words:

“Together for a healthier world”

with the hope in my heart for awakening of world leaders to take serious steps towards curfew and testing their nations in order to recover from this virus. And as soon as it possible, return to the norm with a bit more developed and health-conscious lifestyle and of course more open nations with higher respect to each other, because the power is in team work. Further I’m thinking to merge my Instagram account to this blog like a “small step to man huge for mankind” kind of thing. And the reason is simple, I run there a visual quarantine diary but occasionally find myself wanting to express more, so why not to merge my photo self-expressive side with the writing and even drawing one.

Stay safe!

*general authorisation means a rule adopted by the director authorising, without a permit from the division, a category of activities involving removal or fill, or both, on a statewide or other geographic basis. And now on folks tongue, if the prime minister of your country fancy your cottage house then he can pass an order to take that from you and poor you can’t do anything about that. That simple low.