So, this time again a little bit about me and the buzz around here, at the bubblegum.

I try to cling to publishing mostly only my photos and artworks, illustrations along my writings, ergo if you see a little, unique watermark at the corner of the pictures then consider them as mine.

And now, I‘d like you to invite you again for a short journey back to my past so then probably you will have a better perspective on me.

In the country* where I live, I used to work as a freelance photographer for the national news agency but against the obvious, the greatest share of my works haven‘t been published for two reason.


Back then, once my chief-editor just before the country’s primary press photo-contest and of course after seeing my works suggested to me to take a part of the challenge ahead. Giving a go and trying myself out among those guys I looked up, as he believed my serial was granted to get the first price, what actually touched me deeply. But, you know at that time and level I considered myself green, first steps at the beginning of a carrier, respect of those who had more experience than me and all those lunatic-romantic, real oldie goldie bullshits was erupting from my soul and slumbering my brain functions. In short, knowing they worth, I kept them for myself…


My another chief-editor not even once refused to take over my different works. Saying, the price of those pictures were higher than the agency could afford, beside suggesting me to find rather an agency abroad with the correct money. I appreciate that, I do, really. I‘m still sitting on my “golden pot“ and planning to sit on that for two romantic reason.

1.) I believe great photo does not have price tag and had some issue pricing my pictures** at different fields, long story…

2.) In the past we had Vivian Maier and now we have me, I let the next generation handle my heritage.

Something to leave behind, something real.

*For fun, I‘d like to keep my location to myself, later it will give more sense.

**okay, that purse has to be deep to balance them..