Tattoos for life.

When I was teenager, a younger one, I always wanted tattoos but my mother forbid them till the end of my green age. Until the day, I could come up with a meaningful story and reason to have any, for what I am thankful today.

If not her supper energetic and suggestive ‘‘don‘t dare..“ and “out of question“-s then today I could have had a Donald duck on my bum. And even a lot worse, just two minimalist W down there, one at each side… So thank You momma, you spared the world.

But years were passing by, my green shade faded away, except the desire that only grew into a form of self-drawn, full back piece tattoo, with spirit of many private bedtime stories that she‘s truly blessed.- Don‘t worry, I‘m not introvert or extrovert, I‘m like the moon with million of shades with its secrets. – I love express, so the meaning of my work has a public side also. But for now enough about my first tattoo, my blessed back piece, that is still under process just like life.

Let‘s move on to my second one. At my right wrist I have mountains with some extra details for reminding me to keep on moving in life, no matter how tough it seems to be sometimes. A step in a time till the great view that already served me good at turbulent hours. And here, let me please, spare some space for my urge to leap straight to a future plan of a tattoo about a grasshopper, designed of non-figurative elements and needled in around my right ankle bone. Again, with a reason to draw my attention to remain brave and leap when steps seems irrelevant to get further in life. The idea and its sketching process is on for a while, but not yet finished. Perhaps, because I’m still limited in visions and guess in life experiences to carry on the message for the next generation.

My third tattoo, a great reminder, a howling wolf that also not yet at its full form but starts on my left wrist and running up in my lower arm. After all, I’d like to keep the true meaning of its symbol to myself. Howbeit, to reveal a bit of mystery I can share some puzzle. So, It sharps me, brings me light at the dark hours and shades when the light blinds the life at the very moment.

Nature is the greatest master of life. Just like to our ancestors it guides us too the way how to live it. So I use them and apply them each day of my voyage.

Do You too, observe nature, be brave as a lion or still like a praying mantis.