Sometimes I express like this.

There’s no greater desire than prove the world I believe in

and share some secret with You

to make You see what I seen back then.

I know how difficult might it be there too

to carry the mysterious weight,

But I need You to remember, you are not alone.

I do share that load with You.

I scream sometimes a why,

But theres nothing comes back than a great wave, trust.

Although, I‘m all alone here at the boundless wild ocean

I do my best to be there for You through mystery

And at the end, It‘s not that alone at all.

Calming myself, Your will here with me too.

You see me by myself suffer and survive each day.

And when an empty hour hits, I try recall You,

And loving my days

All I have is share a smile with You

because I trust the ancient wave.

You see me plain, share your smile.