Guided tour

It‘s a rare deal, come and join to me today for a free ride to discover the deepest secret of a woman soul.

And if you want me to see airing out my secret laundry then take a seat please and keep on reading.

That‘s right, maybe lean a little bit more back, make yourself cozier.

So, now as you feel comfy enough and ready, I show you around at the mysterious land only a woman can have. Follow me, let the magic mirror of my soul allure you.

So, this is the Tetris of my bag in a single picture, on the top with some creamy napkins I carry each day, wherever I go.

Let’s get deeper, analyze me!

The stuff you see here is the bad boys of the important gears backing up my business lady image for the world.

I recommend you to pay an extra attention on the double strictness.

Okay, help you out.

I have a classic, manual, leather – because that‘s flashy and I know, animal right activist, with all your rights, fingers on me, please – calendar that hits me feel supper chick. You know, the one that make you feel like the lady in the pencil-shaped skirt is strict and important…

Next, an Ipad, the digital version and a bit more of that leather fanciness.

And yes baby, here and now make me pinky promise not to carry two of the same shit.

-Yeah, but you know, I need an I-pen sensitive calendar app …

-Yay! That‘s a good excuse for carrying extra weight!

-Ohh no, don‘t be rude with me, please!




Forgive me, doesn‘t matter, woman I love!

The second double situations on this photo is my two loads of business-card, for what else, if not for the inner emphasize of my important business shark image.

-Beg for pardon.

-See, one of them correctly stored in a fancy case but the rest just crinkles around in my bag.

And here we are, at my favorite part of my bag. Hot stuff, the collection of my penises. Nope! Excuse, my pens and, yess my precious, super- favorite, artificial, mini penis I carry everywhere since I‘ve been elucidated by the great custom of ancient Romains, who were actually really having a mini-wingy, metal-penis in their pockets against black magic. So believe it or not, since I have my “made in China” version of the mini-nonwingy penis in my bag, I sense an extra coat of thick, protecting energy-fog around my aura. So if I don’t see you and walk on by, we know now why…

In short, a magic wand against dirty looks and bad energies, heart-fully recommended by me. Get one. – I swear to have them till I die. It works-.

Hail the mini-wingy, hail the penis!

Welcome at the beauty section, the stability, loyalty and safety.

Here you can find three portion of different hand moisturizer.

-Yes, in one bag…

-I rather keep on now, okay?!

So another one for face, a toothpaste, a lip balm and I see there‘s two of my favorite lip-glows and of course, both of them has the same tone. Furthermore here I have hygienic napkins, I seldom use because I care and love. Finally, my mirror that‘s been around since my teenage.

– Uhm, witnessed some party, but better to zip here -.

Last but not least, locks.

Chastity belt locks, and for double, excuse me triple check, we have three of them in a bag for the case any on the belt gets rusty.

I am serious. They are, .. yes.

Really in my bag.

Treasure the keys, ain‘t easy pennies, right?!

Sometime I might write about lady’s toy.