Because it’s trendy

Since the last week Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been receiving the delicate attention of world wide media because of their announcement on Instagram about the withdrawal of duties as senior British royals.

By the way I have also a very intense web life and already stated some facts there but “the about“ might come at another bright day, at another column. So, because the situation above is quiet trendy I decided to express myself too, in the form of questions without the intention of judging any.

Ladies first.

My first wondering is about the Duchess of Sussex,

-was she really aware about the responsibility of going out for rendezvous with the man, named Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex? If she wasn‘t, then

do we have the right to question their early desire to maintain the elevation to full bloom of love between the two?

Furthermore, wondering if the material independence was the real deal of their move or that was just an excuse to get away from the crushing weight of royal duties on a woman, who might not have been strong enough to fulfill her duties as Duchess of Sussex?

Do we have the right to question the mannish quality of Prince Harry, the man protecting the woman he wants to be with?

If we do so, then do we really ready to let the potential of escalating the pressure on the loved one to lead to an another tragedy?

Are we really have the right to question the free choice?

No, I guess no. But we still have the right to wonder and ask, what is really behind because the material independence is a weak reason at the level of their duties and under the responsibility of the name of Windsor.

One final thought, here at the fancy land is for surely sure everything settles down and one day all become history and finally, stated by some great man of the past and present,

there is no great man in duties without the support of a great woman.