Silent scream

No matter how long we have had sacred books giving us guidance of living peaceful life but we still struggle – here in 21. century – of lack of true care, love, patience and forgiveness. Our time is mostly about postures, jealousy, gossip and greediness. Greed for power that built on fear and hate.

Love, love is the solution, but don’t get me wrong; I’m not here to preach or convert any to a woodie-nudie, happy-hippie running around on a rich-green field, wanting to hug everyone, high on LSD. But, I’m trying here to illuminate the soul’s trap of hateful emotions dragging to the poisonous whirlpool of suffering of the spirit that is actually the soil of dictatorship, we already seen in the past.

From my cozy home, facing the alarming global political events, one by one following each other for instance, up in North African’s destabilized country by western world serving on silver plate to “someone” the opportunity to have more influence or the crisis in the Middle East and of course at some part in Europe too – just to keep it short -. So, to see the tendency of their growing will of changing the game and rewriting the borders because of far past formation, saying once that was their territory makes me silent, deeply silent. I can not stop them, I can not stop marching soldiers taking over countries saying its us, not yours, leave this home, it’s our’s now. But I can share my belief in physics that says everything has its frequency, so reading and repeating some healthy idea or those sacred books might help pierce through some peaceful frequency into souls. Cuddle up with someone true, tune yourself up on the right wave and resonate the rhythm of peace. Now I’m going to finish my silent scream, standing all alone in a brutal world with some forward, to the light pointing thought by Nikola Tesla, actually just a chunk of that which proves my belief.

“…the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole…”

Cure the brain.