Are You environmentalist?

Folks on social media begun to shout out for help because of the so called devastating bush fires in Australia what is actually looks like to me rather a continent burning down to it’s ashes then bush fires. The first problem with this approach of asking money is again the surface treatment of a way more serious problem of the current situation on this planet, such as the illness of mother Earth. But we forgive this pretended or not but for sure blindness of rebuff of glaring facts, right?!

Actually, by cause of the very obvious material and comfortable lifestyle reasons. But please, then again let me ask You fasten your seatbelt, helmets on, pad your heart, open your purse for donation because we are going to face a lot more petrifying scenes that we have to adopt to and carry on with, and all along remember not denying the facts of illness and the chosen path by us coz that is simply naf. Or change and change now, change your business plan, change the economy, change immediately to sustainable for the sake of your son, daughter and the peace of your family, for the future. Step out of the comfortable and forgiven limitedness and go find the satisfying and sustainable, environment-caring way to maintain a beautiful life, because I believe that is possible. But please, don’t deny the facts, the down going process is true. Until then if You can help.

Because I’m no, not an environmentalist but I care and love.